Eligibility and Requirements


  •  Must be designated next of kin, his or her delegate, or a companion thereof, of a serviceman who was Killed in Action or is Missing in Action from the Korean War, June 1950 to September 1953.  The Next-of-Kin hierarchy is generally given as spouse, children in birth order, siblings in birth order, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, etc.  Note 1: each serviceman, represented by the closest living next-of-kin (or his or her designee) and a companion, will be honored just once. Heroes Remembered, LLC reserves the right to limit, when necessary, the total number of participants in a family. Note 2: If you are a relative of a non-Korean MIA/KIA serviceman who served in Korea during the war under UN Command but not in the US Armed Forces please contact us too as you may still be eligible.
  • Possess a valid passport which expires at least 6 months after expected entry into the Republic of Korea.
  • Proof of Emergency Medical Insurance that is good in Korea during the time of the trip.
  • Remit a $200 check made out and mailed to: Heroes Remembered, LLC, 12321 Ashcroft Dr.,Houston, TX 77035


  • Should submit a portrait sized jpg scan (8×10 or greater) of your MIA/KIA Serviceman Hero.
  • Submit a Family Story. Please write a letter in your own words that we will forward to the MPVA describing what the loss of your Loved One has meant to your family and why your are interested in participating in the Revisit Korea Program for Families.
  • Submit Family Photos 1) that include your Loved One, and 2) that show his relatives today. The photos will be incorporated into your Family Story.