Forms and Timeline

The Application is down-loadable and can be filled out and saved on your computer (using Adobe Acrobat Reader) and emailed to us. As suggested below, it can be completed in several stages. For instance, the Serviceman and participants’ portions can be filled out and sent in first, then later when further information is available the new data can just be added to the already partially completed form and sent to us as an update replacement. Also, if there are more than two applicants in your family please use additional Application Forms as needed.


  • Revisit Korea Family Application Form download  Note: Although the Emergency Contact and Travel Emergency Medical Insurance documentation can be submitted anytime until March 16, 2018, we encourage applicants to fill in the other portions of the form and submit as soon as possible.
  • Agreement and Consent download required of all participants. This document needs to be printed and signed by hand. It can then be scanned and submitted electronically or sent by regular USPS mail to Heroes Remembered, LLC, 12321 Ashcroft Dr., Houston, TX 77035.


  • October 1, 2017: Start accepting Applications from ‘priority-list’ individuals. Full refund of Administration Fee for withdrawals before February 1, 2017.
  • December 1, 2017: If needed, major email blast sent to 800+ potentially interested individuals. Start of open application period for first two Family Members.
  • February 1, 2018: Start considering completed Applications from additional family members. Start of partial refund period for withdrawals.
  • March 15, 2018:
    • Complete Application deadline for all participants-
      • Proof of valid Passport – At least 6 months between expected entry into Korea and passport expiration date is required.
      • Emergency Contact information – Cannot be a traveling companion.
      • Travel Health Insurance – Not required until exact travel dates have been set.
      • Family Story – In your own words write a letter to the MPVA describing what the loss of your Loved One meant to your family and why you would like to visit Korea.
      • Picture of Serviceman – A scanned 8 x 10 portrait is best.
    • End of partial refund period
    • Start making flight arrangements with designated travel agent
  • The departure date from the USA will be Sunday April 22nd with a return back home on April 28th. However, if you wish to extend your stay, either before or after these official program dates, other travel dates will be freely accommodated.