Total numbers

These graphs depict the numbers of still-unaccounted-for U.S. Servicemen who fought in the Korean War according to service branch and date of loss.

(Counts were taken from the DPAA website in June 2015. Number in parentheses = number of remains identified since 1982.)

(See link at bottom of page for making your own personalized graph.)

  • From 1950: 4,640 (238)all_linear_1950
  • 1951: 1,567 (69)all_linear_1951
  • 1952: 1,074 (3)all_linear_1952
  • 1953: 563 (6)all_linear_1953

Find Your Loved One and/or Graph the Still Un-Accounted For

Clicking on the url link below will take you to an interactive web-site like the one that produced the above graphs. If you type in your Loved One’s name you will be able to visualize the losses in his unit that occurred around the time of his loss.
Note that there are a few programming bugs that are mentioned. We hope to update the program when time permits.